Friday, May 14, 2010

Women & Food: Anorexia of the Soul

I'm reading Geneen Roth's new book, and it's rather riveting. I've never been a fan to date, but this new book is more compelling for some reason. Perhaps I'm more open and curious? I define compulsive eating broadly, broad enough to include restriction, obsessive dieting, obsessive weighing and thinking about weight, exercise bulimia, vomiting, bingeing and just plain ol' overeating.

What's been proven to help: a food plan, written in advance (ideally the night or day before), sticking to the food plan, and writing down everything you eat; eating a big breakfast; getting sufficient balance of good fats, 5-7 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables (blah blah blah) plus protein at every meal; understanding the root cause of why you overeat and if you cannot, get help, e.g. join a 12-step program such as OA or FA.

I'll share a gem, and then I really need to unplug and go to bed....

Compulsive eating is basically a refusal to be fully alive. No matter what we weigh, those of us who are compulsive eaters have anorexia of the soul. We refuse to take in what sustains us. We live lives of deprivation. And when we can't stand it any longer, we binge. The way we are able to accomplist all of this is by the simple act of bolting - of leaving ourselves - hundreds of time a day. -- Geneen Roth, Women Food and God

Never underestimate the inclination to bolt -- Pema Chodron

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