Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dr. Marsha Nunley, MD, Joins Gottfried Center

We are tremendously blessed to have Dr. Marsha Nunley, MD, integrative internist, join us this month. She began the first week in January to rave reviews and extraordinary service and care. Dr. Nunley is 50-something and has the energy, vitality and beauty of a 30-year-old. She is certified in the Wiley Protocol and Age Management; extremely facile with all areas of bioidentical hormone balancing for men and women especially thyroid, adrenal estrogen/progesterone/testosterone; transformative in her care of complex medical problems; board-certified in Internal Medicine, Palliative Care and Pain Managment, and quite simply, a lovely person and doctor. Dr. Nunley also completed Dr. Andrew Weil, MD's Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona when it first opened.

Dr. Nunley, MD, is full-time at our newly expanded Gottfried Center for Integrative Medicine, Monday-Thursday. She has special introductory rates for initial consultation in January and then her regular fees kick in February, 2009.

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