Friday, May 7, 2010

D3 Group Cleanse: What to Eat?

Thought I'd share my menu with you all. Hope it helps and please share in the comments section any great menu ideas!

BTW, day 3 of cleansing and I'm more than a little irritable. You? Irritable but cleaning up my body!

1.5 oz quinoa flakes mixed with boiling water
6oz blueberries
3T flax seeds
10 almonds
1 poached egg

1 apple
6oz chopped, roasted carrots + 1T extra-virgin olive oil
4oz wild Alaskan salmon, roasted
2 oz quinoa

6oz roasted acorn squash
6oz black beans
8 oz mixed salad + 2T dressing (Ani's marinade from 2 days ago!)

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