Monday, May 31, 2010

Goddess Mondays

Decided to turn around the gloom of Mondays by declaring “Goddess Monday!” for the next 3 months. Mondays are a bitch for me. The weight of the week – the unpreparedness for the school lunches, the grocery list, the evening school events (oops! forgot to schedule a babysitter), the stressful work meetings, the demanding patients, the class projects that aren’t ready, the weeds in the garden – all conspire to weigh me down starting sometime late on Sunday.
I want Mondays to shimmer with excitement and anticipation. I want to look forward to them the way I look forward to Fridays, the start of Shabbat, the day I unplug and connect with family and friends. Sing songs with my kids, plan scrumptious meals.
I also want to step into my Goddessness and I have no idea what this actually means or how to do it.
Let’s dedicate some time to turning this ship around.
Starting on Mondays, I will try these things out. Add to the list and join me on this voyage to goddess-hood!
  • wake up, say "thank you" for the blessings in my life, and meditate for 20 min. broad definition of meditation here: yin yoga, sitting quietly, chant a goddess mantra (wo-mantra)
  • attune to hormone balance - when we're in balance, we're so goddess. test yourself right here
  • take my vitamins and supplements
  • eat breakfast when I'm hungry instead of when it's convenient
  • write about Sacred Feminine and what it means for lunatic mom living in Rockridge in 2010
  • light a candle and invite the goddess to join me for the day, guide my thoughts and actions
  • pack crazy lunches for my kids. let go a little of my obsessiveness about their nutritional balance. have a little fun
  • dance like a Temple Hindu High Priestess
  • lie in bed with my kids as they're waking, tuning into the happy channel instead of: "Get out of bed now! And no breakfast until your school clothes are on! Did you hear me? Did you hear the last 5 times I've told you to GET READY?
  • check my intuition rather than my email
  • ask while eating, "Do I like this food?"
  • Move my body, from a place of pleasure rather than dutiful caloric balance
Please add to the list! Let's make Mondays shimmer with goddessness!

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