Monday, March 14, 2011

US Aircraft Carrier Detects Radiation Offshore Japan

Japanese officials insist there is no public health risk from the failing nuclear reactors in Fukushima. My read of the news: I have no idea if that is true, and suspect the opposite.

The BBC is reporting this morning that one of the US aircraft carriers detected radioactive fallout 100 miles offshore from the reactors. I do not know the amount they measured.

Why, if there is no public health risk, would the Japanese extend the evacuation zone yesterday from 10 km to 20 km? My inner skeptic is getting activated.

Drudge is reporting that 17 US Navy are suffering from radiation exposure.

Here is a report of possible days before the radiation comes to the West Coast (11 days to Los Angeles,7 to Anchorage). Totally depends on the winds and could be variable.

Consider preventive measures, such as taking iodine, with your physician. Orally-taken, non-radioactive iodine, available from Amazon and often your local health food store, may prevent binding of radioactive iodine in your thyroid. It's not for everyone, but get the details and discuss with your doctor. More info on that right here.


Anonymous said...

If we have no thyroid, how does it effect us? Should I still take somtehiung?

Unknown said...

can you take iodine if ur pregnant?

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