Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Your Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Nothing makes me happier than an anti-inflammatory smoothie with greens, berries, pea and rice protein (very hypoallergenic) and flax. Well, maybe containment of nuclear reactors in Japan, but that's a topic for another day.

There's a concept I have found to be particularly true that goes like this:
We need to reduce our antigenic load. The more we eat whole foods, and dump the junk (gluten, diary, sugar, alcohol, caffeine), the less antigens we get exposed to. When we're exposed to fewer antigens, we're less likely to get an overactivated immune system, or to have cross-reactivity with hormones (an example is autoimmune thyroiditis).

In the service of stabilizing blood sugar and reducing antigenic load, try the following anti-inflammatory smoothing. Green smoothies rock!

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lightcan said...

Hi Sara,
I found you through dr.BG from AnimalPharm. I am a 42 years old female from Dublin, Ireland and I'm trying to learn more about health, nutrition, hormones, liver detox, individual requirements, etc. I would be interested in following a detox protocol, it's spring and Lent after all. I appreciate that you show us how to make a smoothie, but very few of those products (only almond milk and frozen berries, not organic) are available here. I suppose you post this for your patients who live in the same area as you but could you maybe recommend something easier to follow for those who don't shop in health food shops (who are not middle-class professional women)? A list of supplements and recommended foods? I would also like to say that I'm surprised that you suggest soy milk, which is problematic, to say the least.

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