Friday, April 30, 2010

How To Prevent Hip Replacement

We walk, run, and stretch our hips for many decades - what can we do to prevent the rather barbaric surgery of hip or knee replacement?
  • Are you misaligned? Many of us are born with our hips and/or knees out of alignment, so we spend decades walking on one particular part of our hip or knee. It wears out. But you can catch it early by getting a coach who watches your gait when you walk or run and perhaps recommends strengthening exercise, or a highly-attuned massage therapist who understands your structural misalignment.
  • Watch the weight. Being overweight (body mass index > 25) puts a lot of stress on all joints, but particularly the hips.
  • Pay attention to range of motion. When it decreases, get help - sooner rather than later.
  • Choose low impact sports: cycling, swimming, light weight training, yoga, pilates. 
  • If you choose high-impact sports such as running, get a coach. Pay a lot of attention to the right shoes for your gait. Get help. Run on softer surfaces. Let your cartilage serve you longer.

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Dr. Kajal said...

Thank you Dr. I am a 70 year old woman and a retired anthropologist.

I am originally form Mesopotamia area. I used to teach medical anthropology and social medicine. I am curious of the remarkable differences between women from the Middle East and Western --US women in relation to hip surgery. I have my own theory which is based on diet and life style. Recently I decided to write something about it. I like to see you if possible to know more about the subject. My email address is

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