Monday, April 12, 2010

Dr. Sara's Outline for Bhakti Sadhana

You've heard me prattle on about my inspiration for a Bhakti Sadhana, inspired by Shiva Rea's recent work called Living Sadhana. The idea is to choose a practice for the next 30 days beginning with the new moon (that's today, friends!) that suits your current emotional|psychological|spiritual configuration. More right here. Below are my musings about the shape and structure of my next 30 days, which is a work in progress. But short version is: "Catch the Love Train!"

I'd like to enhance my mothering. Mothering of my kids and myself. Sometimes mothering overwhelms me yet this may be where I most need to cultivate and model resilience. I will have a daily practice of positively mirroring my kids for 15 minutes. Best support for this, as always, is deeper concious contact with my Higher Self | Higher Power.

Space and Actions
Clear clutter out of car and family room where I am building a small altar. I will also clean out the clutter of negative thinking from my self-talk.

Health Cultivation
Increase my intuitive guidance. I will cultivate daily meditation for 20 minutes to soothe my crazy adrenal glands. One mantra that I like is: Om Nama Shivaya. Simple but roughly translates from the Sanskrit as "Om and salutations to that which I am capable of becoming."

Service to my patients and students: focused intuition toward their greater good and Higher Self. Focused intuition on my kids and how to help them navigate their developmental nuttiness.

Sankalpa (a short potent declaration of your intention or dedication for the sadhana period that becomes a steady navigational compass during your 30-day sadhana. This is the summary of all of the different aspects of your sadhana in a phrase that you can internally at the beginning of your sadhana and any time you need to refocus your energy):
My intention is to get out of my head and deep into my heart. With this practice, I nourish my kids, my Self, my intuition and my adrenals.

Reflection and Dedication:  Dedicated to my daughters and Higher Self

Purpose of Sadhana: Amp up love, benevolence, intuition and joy. Out of mind into heart.

Seed Goals:
1. Daily meditation for 20 minutes
2. Stay abstinent with food: no sugar, no flour
3. Progress not perfection

Practice: 30 min asana - emphasis on back bending. Will be working with Anusara principles of alignment in my back bends.

Date of Beginning and Closing: beginning April 14, lasting 30 days

Sacred Texts: Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, Gurumayi

Opening Ritual and Altar: see photo - Gurumayi and a silver heart

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