Friday, March 12, 2010

Let NutrEval Rock Your World

Ever wondered how well you're absorbing your pile of supplements and plates of healthy, organic food? Curious what else you could optimize to feel even better? Here's a test for you.

NutrEval is the queen of tests -- I've started recommending it more regularly as I see the deep benefits it brings.  A combo of urine and blood tests, it's a comprehensive nutritional evaluation that identifies imbalances of vitamins, nutrients, and co-factors. You'll also discover if you have problems with bad bacteria in the gut (dysbiosis), how much Omega 3s and 6s you need, and assess for any detoxification problems particularly in the liver.

NutrEval is an ideal test when finishing a cleanse, such our recently sold-out January 2010 cleanse, or if you are just looking for more guidance in order to age gracefully.

You have to order the test through a doc (that's me), and I'm offering this test to any patients, yoga students or cleansers in our community.

To me, the amazing part is the cost. For now, the cost is $147 with most insurance companies (except Aetna, Humana, Kaiser, Principal & Tufts) while the street price is $1500. Genova banks on your insurance paying the difference and you will not be charged if they do not (that's why they call it "Pay Assured").  Just copy that insurance card and include it in the box.

The processing is a bit cumbersome and beyond the capability of most of our local blood draw centers (bless them), so I recommend springing for a to-your-door phlebotomist service run by Nathan Cron. He's a dream as is his team, and they will handle all those labels and complications that you can't be bothered with.

Three weeks later--make a 25 min phone appt. with me to review your dissertation on your health. Transformation will be yours.

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