Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Am I At Liberty to Say?


Unbelievably inspiring to step through the Tudor doors into the transcendent space of Liberty of London today. Still jet-lagged, didn't really know what I was getting into, and then I could hardly breath. If I were a department store, I'd be Liberty of London. Tamara Salman is the creative genius behind the store. Wowness. Check it out.


Love the crazy chandlelier thing above, and the room dividers in white. Almost got arrested taking the jewelry pics below. They do not allow photography except by the press!


Also learned today that Liberty has designed a new line for Target. I imagine this is a little more in my price range. Launch in 12 days, People!

Here's the super cute founder, Arthur Liberty, and his bride. He opened Liberty's in 1875 mostly to sell fun stuff from Japan.

Above: detail of the Tudor fascade of Liberty's on Regent Street in London, with shoes. Below - my age inspiration of the day: Mary Skinner wearing exclusive Liberty togs. Almost looks like burlap but she rocks it like nobody's business.

This is what I looked like back at the hotel after shopping at Liberty. Hello, Sailor!


Above - Liberty also can help a girl out with their Style Service.


Don't we need the couch above in the Gottfried Center


Of course, Liberty still has all those cute cotton prints plus some very cool updates.
To quote Rachel Zoe, "I died."

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