Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting Integrative in London

Today while on vacation, I hella-hiked to check out a kindred spirit here in London, Snowfields Wellness. Found them online while googling "raw vegan London." They made the list because they offer raw, organic smoothies. I was sufficiently impressed that I decided to walk on over the 3 miles from my hotel.

First, I loved their mission statement:
  • Health is for everyone and is attainable by all
  • Caring for the environment is an act of health in itself
  • Health tastes delicious
We have a lot in common, Snowfields and I. We both take care of patients in a wellness model, we both sell therapeutic teas and organic skin care. We sell transformative books. I do not yet sell organic/ethical foods, but don't you think I should? Hemp seeds, raw cacao bars (my personal favorite is the "I Am Mighty" from Cafe Gratitude).

From the website, I thought they offered a whole-food, vegan restaurant. Turns out they don't, and in fact, the space is tiny. They have just enough room to whip up a smoothie du jour, but it was terrific.

Second thing I loved was their therapeutic tea bar. I could definitely get behind this, and we don't need too much space to do it. Sink? Check. Filtered hot water? Checkety check. Let's do it!

They offered carbon-neutral green tea (above) - love it! And Pukka Ayurvedic Teas.

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