Monday, February 21, 2011

Vote Now: Monday Mystic

Just finished my sacral releases, in my nightgown, of course, 'cuz it's President's Day.

Need your help with a little something: there are so many mystics to choose from today, I'm having difficulty choosing just one to blog about. Please vote in the comments section for one or more. We got farmers, professors, moms and entrepreneurs in the mix.
  • Regena Thomashauer, aka Mama Gena, Creatrix of the Mama Gena School of Womanly Arts
  • Marta Dansie, gifted designer and blogger
  • More Danielle Laporte, because you know self-realization rocks, and you know I can't get enough of her brilliance.
  • Brene Brown, PhD, a refreshing professor from Texas who is an expert in vulnerability and authenticity.
  • Clarissa Pinkola Estes, an oldie but goodie.
Vote on which one for my next Mystic Monday blog! Or suggest others! Particularly momtreneurs! And I'll get right on it! Thanks so very much. xoxox


Jo Ilfeld said...

Ok maybe I'm the only one but I'm not exactly clear. . . what am I voting on? For you to work with one? For you to interview one? Sorry for the brain freeze but it is a monday after all. . .

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD said...

sorry if not clear - vote on which mystic for me to blog about! or suggest someone else. trying to widen my circle....

allison hagey said...

Novella! And, not just because I'm hungry. Love to hear about empowered female farmers in a field so heavily dominated by men for so long! (no pun I intended).

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