Friday, February 25, 2011

Shuffling My Roles

Was inspired by the luminous Kathleen Bloom of the Meditation Project to go a little nuts over Wordie, an online program for making word collages. Here's one on my roles. Rather liked the juicy result, but realized I forgot "mom." Oops. I keep forgetting that part, and how intrinsic it is. But not in a "I'm-such-a-bad-mom" way that I tend to fall into; instead: that was interesting. What's up about that? How do I get more explicit about bringing my role as mom into my work, integrating it more deeply and fluidly, beyond just: "I've got two kids, and I must leave now to pick them up from school."

BTW, what else have I forgotten? Oh, wife. Raw chef.

Here's another (like me, a bit more random and deliciously chaotic) composed of the attributes inspired by my Firestarter Sessions with Danielle Laporte. She makes me feel alive, connected to inner aliveness, like I want to go running.

Going into mom/wife mode now, unplugging, signing off until the other side of Shabbat. Peace out to you.

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Kathleen Bloom said...

Love wordle! And really really love YOU! xo

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