Thursday, June 3, 2010

Women Becoming Unstuck

A wonderful patient of mine is particularly connected to her intuitive power and deep feminine, and I wanted to share her insightful response to an eblast I sent out several months ago in which I recommended a book - Unstuck by Dr. Jim Gordon, MD.

My patient, let's call her Fleur, was willing to let me post her response to my query: What about the book worked for you? How does it help you buffer your mood? I loved what she wrote and asked her permission to share it with you. Here's her response:

 I wanted to answer you about your question what worked for me in this book, Unstuck.

Here's what I found:

I like that the author asks you to tap into your creative/intuitive sides. Some of what he suggests is downright odd, but maybe I don't resist this kind of thing as much as I once did because I see it can work. I am willing to try dancing and shaking and asking an inner guide for help and these various other methods he suggests. He balances it out, too, by referring to scientific studies and his writing has a rational sounding voice, so it doesn't go overboard in this direction.

He says a lot of the same things I read/hear you say, and it helps to have the messages reinforced. His vitamin/supplement suggestions are quite close to yours. He is a believer in healthy bowels as a way to good physical and mental health, and he doesn't shy away from saying it.

Other suggestions of Gordon's I liked were to write in a journal every day and to look toward your dreams for clues.

What may have been the most help for me is his attitude that there is hope for recovery from depression, and that the changes in one's brain from depression can be reversed. He believes the brain has a lot of capacity for healing and growth and that this can be done without drugs. Let's hear it for neuroplasticity.

I am in agreement and inspired by this book, but I still don't know how to shift the external stresses in my life and in living in general so that I can really make these suggestions work, but that is where the challenge lies... probably not just for me.

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