Saturday, June 12, 2010

Home Yoga Practice - Vira Sadhana - Amp Up Energy for 30 days

I get inspired by writing and committing to Sacred Contracts as a way of refreshing, enlivening and emboldening my commitment to spiritual unfolding. As a recovering engineer, let's put it another way: I'm amping up the current in my spiritual circuit, my conduit for divine inspiration in my life. Here is my contract to the Vira Sadhana for the next 30 days, as inspired by Shiva Rea.

Here's my contract:

I, Sara Emly Gottfried, agree to undertake an intensive, guided encounter with the fire of tapas - my own heat, creativity and divine feminine nature for the next 30 days. I commit to daily reading, daily writing, daily meditation, and daily yoga along with a weekly day of deep listening, nurturing and connection (Goddess Mondays).

I further understand that the issues and challenges of this sacred work require superb self-care: restorative sleep, enlightened nutrition, hormonal balance, daily exercise and robust pampering. This will provide the foundation I need to support Vira Sadhana without the need for caffeine or stress. I make an unwavering commitment to the discipline needed for the most effective transformation and transmutation to occur.

This contract begins tonight at sundown with the emergence of the new moon on June 12, 2010

Sara Gottfried, MD

What's in your Sacred Contract? Is it stale? Does it need to be re-visited, freshened up? For inspiration, check out Shiva Rea's teleconference right here on Up2Yoga for $1.

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