Thursday, September 30, 2010

Disconnect of Intent/Action

Here's the data: 75% of the population sets an intention to improve an aspect of their health, such as giving up sugar or walking daily, yet only one in five or 16% are "very successful." We're getting ready for our Gottfried Cleanse that starts next week, and I'm brainstorming how to make a radical change in this ratio. One in five sucks. I want all of you to be wildly successful in your action birthed of intention.

A favorite question of mine is: "Why bother?" We all know that food is crucial fuel, and when you eat healthful foods in the right quantity, you feel optimal, have consistent energy and ideally manage your weight with peace and serenity. But what about radical wellness, radical aggressive prevention of degenerative disease such as the big "C" and heart disease?

We've known for 30+ years that 32-35% of cancer is preventable through diet - adequate fiber, 5-7 servings per day of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein.

A recent collaborative statement from the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society states that 90-95% of cancer is related to lifestyle and environment (toxic jeans, anyone?). That leaves only 5-10% attributable to genetic risk. Isn't that astounding?

I think digestion is EVERYTHING, my lovies. Undigested food, whether physical or emotional, is at the root of disease. It all starts with your gut. Here's how.

Direct signs and symptoms include bloating, inflammatory conditions such as autoimmunity (see my post from earlier today on Autoimmune Thyroiditis or Hashimoto's), cancer and heart disease.

I have a few hypotheses on how to improve your odds of radical change for the better up from 1 in 5. One concept is divinity - when you feel aligned with higher purpose in your goal, it's a game changer. This is along the line of what you've heard me prattle on about previously - if you were making dinner for the Buddha tonight, what would you serve? Could you serve it to yourself anyway, Enlightened One?

Tell me your ideas on how to improve the odds of creating sustained action out of your intention.


Trace Willans said...

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india flint said...

i don't think i'd be changing anything [on the menu] if i were welcoming a visitor to our dinner table - we prepare fresh food with care and attention, whether it's a simple soup, a salad or a mexican feast. after all, when preparing food for the family, it's food that will be served to those dearest to you and therefore should be the best you can do on the day [and worthy of sharing with whoever else joins the table...]
hope that makes sense...

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