Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prophet of Bloom: Mystic India Flint

India Flint is a huge inspiration to my work in natural dye with uber-local, bio-regional botanicals. You've heard me rage against the toxins that are in our clothes, and the disconnect between how we eat organic but don't wear organic, the endocrine disruptors in our jeans and kid's pajamas -- but what really captures me about this modern-day mystic is that her clothing and work are just tremendously beautiful.

India calls herself the "Prophet of Bloom" and a botanical alchemist. Her blog is deeply inspiring. She's the author of several books, and this is the one I started with.

What does she actually do, you might ask. She is the champion of dye using local windfall and plants from where she lives in New Zealand. Her home has shifted over the years and has included Melbourne, Austria and Montreal. Her art is gentle and a gorgeous yet ecologically sustainable alternative to toxic synthetic dye.

I think that's her in the photo above. She also does dreamy stitching with her clothing creations.

India features many different techniques in her book - eco-prints from plants (above and below), whole-dyed cloth, applied color, and layered dye techniques (also above and below).

She is a master of shibori and the wrap (see below, so pretty!). I love this comment from her blog, entitled "In-Flight Entertainment."

"what's that you're doing, dearie?"
asked the kindly flight attendant
in the gentle tone usually reserved for
the very young, the very old
or the deeply deranged

"stitching" i reply

"and what will you do with it when it's finished?"

"roll it up with leaves and cook it" i say

flight attendant backs away hastily

This is from her older blog, Prophet of Bloom.

Here's more from her luscious book.

And her "virtual workroom" on her website.

India gives workshops around the world, most recently in Tennessee and Belgium.

I love this work so much that I am planning a trip to learn from her and join her Windfall Project. My first task is to make some fabulous, cozy organic hemp gowns for my integrative gynecology patients using uber-local natural dyes that heal you, such as woad (helps estrogen metabolism), horsetail (cures bladder infections and slows down bone loss) and pokeberry (cleanses the lymphatics).

In the meantime, come join us at my home for a "Natural Dye & Integrative Medicine" workshop on October 28, 2010, from 11-3pm. I am co-teaching with Rebecca Burgess, another brilliant botanical alchemist. Call my assistant, Mandy, if you need more info or details at 510.893.3907 or 888.893.6586.

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india flint said...

have just discovered this kind mention...thank you!

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