Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10x10: Dr Northrup's Top 10 Women's Health Findings: 2000-2010


Dr. Christiane Northrup MD is a mentor of mine. She is a pioneering gynecologist who attunes to women's wisdom underlying the issues we face. She caught my attention on PBS when I was in college with her focus on empowering women during surgery to get regional anesthesia, so they could be awake during a hysterectomy and participate in the decision-making, rather than anesthestetized objects on a table.

Here is a link to Dr. Christiane Northrup's top 10 findings in Women's Health over the past decade, complete with details. A summary:
  1. End of One-Size Fits-All Hormone Therapy
  2. Fetal Monitoring Doesn’t Improve Pregnancy Outcomes
  3. Early Detection of Breast Cancer is an Imperfect Solution
  4. Fish Oil Proven Protective Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt 
  5. Optimal Vitamin D Level is Critical for Robust Health
  6. Stem Cells Discovered in Menstrual Blood
  7. Natural Progesterone Holds Great Promise for Heart Health
  8. Iodine Reduces Breast Pain
  9. Breast is Still Best
  10. Educating Girls is the Key to Planetary Health

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