Sunday, December 12, 2010

Organic Right Up Next to Your Skin: Undies

Perhaps the most important layer in my organic experiment is my undies. Right up next to your privateness, you want no endocrine disruptors or heavy metals. Surprisingly, I found this to be one of the harder items to procure before January 1, 2011 when my experiment begins.

Here in Berkeley, there's a foxy brand called Pact. Check it out. Problem is: I don't know if their printing process is toxic or their dyes. I'm thinking they look rather toxic, but prove me wrong. Pact's undies come in bikini and boy short styles too, and all are 95% organic cotton with 5% elastane. Do I need the elastane? Do you? Will my thongs buckle and stretch out otherwise? Will it destroy my thyroid? I need to research more. But, damn, Pact undies a're foxy, both the boy short above in red, and the polka thong down below.

On Facebook, I got a great tip to check out Good & Fair out of Austin. Here's their website and  blog. But the options are extremely limited. People: where are the thongs?

Another social media friend suggested rawganique, and at first I was thinking: really?

But then I found some goodies, with much more deep awareness of what it is I'm trying to do - no elastic, no lycra, no latex. 

What am I trying to do again? Oh yeah... prove the case for wearing organic!

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