Sunday, November 2, 2008

Madonna Rocks Oakland!

She's my favorite Dominatrix. And she's FIFTY.

Went to the Madonna "Sweet & Sticky Tour" concert last night and still buzzing from the beauty, performance and sheer spectacle. Loved "Get Stupid" best for the call to action (check it out right here) but "Like A Prayer" with the juxtaposed Hebrew and Arabic was completely different from the old Catholic rant. Mostly her concert was super fun, inspired and energizing. Has there ever been a better live performer?

Who knew that Madonna was a master of double dutch?

I haven't had this much fun at night in a long time, in fact, not since Michelle Cordero's 40th birthday party at S Factor in San Fran. Well, Madonna is the original S girl. Check out those SOCKS!

Above: Does she shop at Serrahna on College Avenue? We all need some of these boots....

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