Thursday, November 20, 2008

CSK: Filling the Gap between Farmer's Markets & Your Table

Do you feverishly buy lots of produce at your local farmer's market only to watch sadly as it composts in your fridge a few days later? Or maybe what's rotting is your weekly box of Community-Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) fruits and vegetables? I find that there's a huge gap between my desire for local, sustainable food and my ability to find the time to process and cook it all.

Community Sponsored Kitchens (CSK) to the rescue! We are blessed in the Bay Area with Three Stone Hearth, an amazing CSK based on the Wise Traditions of Weston Price and Nourishing Traditions movement of Sally Fallon. Founded by Jessica Prentice and four other visionaries, Three Stone Hearth sources the CSA food and translates it for you into yummy dishes that you heat-and-serve. Every week they feature a different region for food inspiration.

I'm in a cluster for the Rockridge area, and my clustermates and I take turns picking up the goods on Wednesday 5-7pm from the Berkeley location of Three Stone Hearth. Last night I came home to Hui Beef Stew with chick peas and bok choy, peanut curry with chicken and vegetables, and Thai minced pork with galanga, lemongrass and mint. Served with sprouted mung bean salad and steamed Massa rice with coconut oil - you have a nutrient-rich meal that kids love too, and it takes very little time.

Check it out. Their eggs, dried majorum and cheeses are amazing too.  And their bone-broth based soups have helped raise my ferritin (iron) levels higher than any supplement, and also are rich in glucosamine.


vicki said...

Was just talking to Jean K and your name came up again. What is the best way to reach you?


Carolyn said...

How can I become a part of Rockridge cluster for delivery from CSK?

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