Sunday, January 6, 2008

Master Cleanse: Yes or No?

I’ve had 5 requests in the past few hours that ask this question. While the Master Cleanse has many loyal fans, and there is little to data to say it is better or worse than any other cleanse, I squirm at the thought of depleted 30-, 40-, and 50-somethings drinking lemon, cayenne and maple syrup for days on end. I favor a cleanse that has sufficient, healthy oils, whole foods and protein to support you and your adrenals. Out of all the cleanses I’ve reviewed, my favorite and what comes closest to what I recommend to my patients is Mark Hyman, MD’s UltraSimple Diet ( If you are dying to lose a few pounds (or many) or just to cleanse the cabernet and sugar cookies of December out of your system, check it out! It is part of his new program, Ultrametabolism. I believe, unlike the Master Cleanse, this way of cleansing will not send your body into survival mode and lead to yo-yo eating and weight flux.

Mark takes some complicated concepts, such as oxidative stress and the benefits of antioxidants, and makes them very understandable. He calls this “Get the Rust Out” or something like that. More on antioxidants later. I’ve got to go eat dinner with my husband at Café Gratitude and dust off my rust.

Let me know if you've tried the Master Cleanse and how it went for you.

Cheers, SG

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