Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get Your Organic Clothes - Today 50% Off

Today when I checked my Groupon San Francisco, I was thrilled to see a 50% off coupon for American Apparel, where you can get organic, domestically-produced and un-dyed cotton undies (men's and women's) plus organic shirts and tanks at decent prices.

As you may know, I'm preparing for my "Year of Living Organically" Challenge - start date Jan 1, 2011. I'm planning to measure my toxic load in December and measure it again one year later after wearing only organic clothing, mostly locally produced, and only organic skin products. We all know to eat organic as a way of reducing our exposure to pesticides and fertilizers in our food supply, but meanwhile we wear pesticides and fertilizers particularly in our cotton clothing such as jeans. And women in the US own on average 8 pairs of jeans.

I bought my darling husband, David Gottfied, some organic briefs. When I presented my find, he gave me a withering look: "You are not dragging me into this, you know."

As a friend stated, I'm going NRDC on you. I'm becoming a reluctant activist. I'm also looking for folks to join me - while I know a year-long commitment is daunting, consider joining me for a month or a weekend. I'm also looking for corporate sponsors in case you have some ideas for how best to support this endeavor. American Apparel, Donna Karan, are you reading this?

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