Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacation: Rejuvenation Station

In my work as a hormone guide, I find the adrenals are the hardest to nurture and tonify. Our lives are so hectic, particularly in the Bay Area. But nothing nurtures and tonifies as much as a fabulous vacation.

In Ayurveda, they say that illness develops when you move to fast, when your body cannot catch up with your Being. This happens with trips that require airplanes or long car-rides. Solution? Bolinas!

I'm blessed to own my integrative medicine practice and to set up at the outset that I will be unavailable (the doctor is "out") for the month of August and for a month mid-December to mid-January. My adrenals demand it. It allows me to connect to my true Self, to reconnect to what is important, and to develop new ideas about to help you even more deeply and efficiently.

Here are some highlights of what was particularly helpful and healing on my August vacation.

First, one word: Bolinas. Ah, I just love to say it: Bolinas, Bolinas, Bolinas. We stayed in the house above for three days. It was so deeply relaxing, it felt like three weeks. Why? Soulful space.

We, as a family, did yoga daily, meditated, ate amazing local food from the Bolinas' People's Co-op, drank tea, had Big Thoughts, Big Conversations, Lingering Dialogues.

And then there was the Japanese soaking tub. OMG. Fantastic. I'm sitting there, chillin', or perhaps more accurately, sweatin', and in hops a little frog.

Hello, Sweet Frog. He hopped away before I could kiss him.

Darling Husband, David Gottfried, loved Bolinas because we were off the grid. He loves that in a vacation destination.

I just love getting re-energized about my path. Spent the month thinking about how aligned I am with my dharma or purpose. How can I make adrenal buoyancy more a daily part of my life for both me and my patients. Ideas? I'm reviewing Ayurveda and the wisdom it offers to us householders and forest dwellers. Stay tuned! Vacation ends Monday, August 30.

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