Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clearing Negative Beliefs

Just reading Shakti Gawain’s Reflections in the Light, and found this “Clearing” exercise to be very helpful for myriad issues: establishing a home yoga ractice, reigniting your spiritual path, cutting out sugar, getting a new job that aligns better with your values, etc.

This is quoted directly from Shakti’s book.

Here is a basic clearing process that you can use to clear out negative beliefs in order to attain a goal. First, state your goal in the form of an affirmation. Second, write “The reasons I can’t have what I want are:” and then start listing every thought that comes into your head. Third, decide which of the negative statements have the most power over you, and make a mark by those. Write an affirmation to counteract each one. Meditate on these affirmations every day along with your original goal.

I am now clearing my negative beliefs.

Click here for more info on Shakti’s inspirational and original work. We’re working on incorporating some of her processes into our next round of yoga and integrative medicine workshops. Sign up here for our newsletter for more info.

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