Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pre-Conception Counseling: Role of Mercury

Suddenly I am seeing lots of women who want to conceive or are pregnant already.  I am also seeing scary numbers of women with high mercury levels.  When I was getting pregnent, the brilliant advice of the CDC was "limit how much fish you eat to once per week or less."  I don't find that satisfying.

If you have metal fillings in your mouth or you eat seafood regularly, there's a good chance you might be mercury toxic.  I was and didn't know it.  You see - I have a great love for sashimi.  I ate it once/week for about a year when my office was near a glorious sushi restaurant, and since I have no metal fillings, I wasn't too concerned. Then I tested and found I was toxic.

Symptoms? Fun things such as:
emotional rage
mood swings
brain fog 
Alzheimer's disease
senior moments
memory loss
heart irregularity
shortness of breath
blood pressure problems
numbness tremors
vision/hearing problems
recurring infections autoimmune conditions
chronic fatigue
gum problems
low thyroid function
cold extremitities
unexplained weight gain
low libido (for men - poor erections)
birth defects
lack of energy
metallic taste

As my thinking about pre-conception counseling evolves, I am integrating the importance of assessment and detoxification from heavy metals such as mercury and toxins such as xenoestrogens, chemicals in the environment that act like estrogen in your body.

I tried a lot of different mercury detox programs over the past two years since I was first diagnosed and have a few favorites.  More on that later....

I am teaming up with two other extraordinary physicians to try to raise awareness among women especially of reproductive age -- Drs. Marsha Nunley, MD and Bruce Dooley, MD.  We are planning some educational programming in San Francisco for the fall.  Stay tuned!

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