Saturday, February 16, 2008

Supplements 101

Here is a basic plan for all adults (kids in a future post!). Additional supplements should be based on your individual issues and goals (e.g., weight loss, insomnia, reversing insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, underactive thyroid, etc.).

1. Good multivitamin. You need ample A, B, C, some E and minerals. Minerals vary depending on your health. My faves are on my website at and, as with all of our supplements, 100% of after-tax proceeds support educational and environmental nonprofits.
2. Fish oil. Even if you are vegetarian, consider this supplement. 99% of Americans are deficient and flax oil does not suffice. You must use a safe brand that is molecularly distilled and tested to be free of mercury. I recommend 1000-3000 mg/day, depending on your health. Higher doses are sometimes needed in depression, inflammation, high cholesterol and insulin resistance. I prefer PurEFA (each soft gel is 1000mg). This is our most proven supplement based in high-quality data.
3. Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Most of us need more than nutrition, sunlight and a multivitamin provide. Check your vitamin D level – most of my patients are deficient even here in sunny California.
4. Greens formula. I recommend that everyone drink green juice as a start to the morning followed by protein. This alkalinizes your body. You can juice it yourself (wheatgrass, kale, celery, chard, etc.) or mostly use a powder. I prefer the taste of Designs for Health or Integrative Therapeutics.

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Jessica @ Delicious Obsessions said...

OK. I have a question about supplements. Funny that I stumbled across this post today - I have just been discussing supplements with a whole bunch of people over on Facebook.

I got involved in a discussion about the use of supplements when I clicked on a link that an ND I know posted. It's about how we should not be taking calcium supplements. Here is the link to that article:

So, I asked her if she thought we should be taking any supplements at all. She said no. We should be getting everything through our food. Don't get me wrong - I completely agree with that it is BEST if we can get nutrients from our food, however, in today's world, is that possible? I mentioned the depletion of our soil and our farming techniques (even in organics) and said that I doubted our food is full of enough of everything we need. These are the two articles that they posted in defense of their position:

So, how do you feel? I am on the fence. On the one hand, I can see their point that man-made vitamins are not nearly as good as natural, from the source vitamins, however, on the other hand, are we capable of getting everything we need through our food alone? Another person mentioned we should all be juicing daily, but I can't afford to buy a juicer and unsure of the time commitment for that.

I don't personally take a ton of supplements. I take what I consider essential, but it has sparked some thought for me and I don't know where I stand. I worry that I'm not getting enough of what I need.

Sorry for such a looooooong comment! :)

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